Friday, November 30, 2012

1.4.0 Taking a Leap of Faith

Jessup, MD 

 Ansem pulled into the restaurant with a brand new Mercedes-Benz. Rebecca loved it. For a second, on the car ride over to the restaurant Ansem thought about giving her the car as a present. But in better judgment, he decided not to bring it up. Rebecca was having a good time so far on a date with her next door neighbor. The neighbor she knew practically nothing about except his truck was recently repossessed. And what kind of jumping off point is that? So besides friendly banter and questions about the new Mercedes, they really didn’t have much to talk about. 

Rebecca searched in silence to talk about something. As a female doctor she took great pride in handling the situation and calling the shots, in everyday life she also felt the need to take the lead, to show that women can do it all, and be good at it. In a year’s time she will have proven that but to a dead audience and a hollow legacy. 

“Where are you from?” she began.
“Where’s that?”
“East of here, near Baltimore.”
“Is your family still there?”
“My family is … gone. My mother died of cancer and my father short after died of a heart attack.”
“Oh…” Rebecca choked, “I’m so sorry to bring it up.”
“It’s okay, Rebecca. You were going to find out eventually. I’m glad you know about my past, now you see me for who I am.”
“…And where you come from.” She finished for him.     
Ansem reached across the table of bread and water and held her hand. Rebecca blushed as she looked down at her white napkin on her lap contrasting with the black dress she was wearing. She looked back up at Ansem, into his eyes. The way he talked to her, it was as though they had been lifelong friends, as if they already knew everything about each other, as if…he had been waiting to talk to her for twenty years. Rebecca felt connected to Ansem, and it was only their first date. Something was rushing her feelings for him, and she was scared what. 

They ordered dinner, and enjoyed their meals shortly after. The night went off quite nicely after a stumbled opening. Ansem drove Rebecca back home. She lay back in her seat and moaned about how full she was. Ansem used every fiber of his being not to let the car crash while failing to refrain from checking her out. Rebecca looked at him and Ansem shot up, putting his concentration back on the road. 

“…So…what happened with your truck, Ansem?”
“That’s a long story with a happy ending. What if I just told you that instead?”
“The ending?”
“It’s a really good one.”
“I now own the biggest stake of manufacturing shares and the largest number of factories in the country. I’m worth over five hundred million dollars.”
“Oh my god.”
“Will you marry me?”
Rebecca froze.
“I’m kidding.”
Rebecca did not look relieved.
“Wait a second…were you going to say…yes?”
Rebecca looked at Ansem in the eyes. Words were lost. 

The door to Rebecca’s bedroom burst forth as they scrambled in, quickly making their way to the bed and peeling off each other’s clothes. Ansem was doing it. Living the dream he kept kindled in his heart for years. He was fulfilling his own desired destiny. This would go down as the best night of his life as he made love to Rebecca Pratt, his undeniable one true love.

New York, NY

The laboratory was now fully active, it was in procedure mode. Every available hand came in to help Samuel.  He had finished schematics of what he named, “The Tachyon Resonator.” The Tachyon Resonator is a device that turns the particles surrounding it into tachyons. On the third day of manufacturing it was finished. As it is in its prototype form it took up the majority of the laboratory. The only way they could successfully test it is if they recreated Dr. Samuel Gordon’s Chase’s original sketch of a portable amplifier ring that turns everything inside the ring into tachyons. 

When it was finished the next step was to test different items inside the room. Samuel knew what had to be done when nothing responded to the phase change inside the room, not wood, not metal, not plastic, not glass, not meat, not a fish, not a mouse, not even a chimpanzee. Where did they get the chimpanzee you ask? That was a different story… 

Dr. Samuel Gordon Chase waited until no one was looking and accessed the automated features; he turned the locks off and started the tachyon reactor. Once it was charged enough he turned on the resonator and the rays filtered into the room. Samuel ran down the walkway. When his assistants and grad students saw what he was doing they were terrified. Samuel risked all their lives opening the doors to the test room. As he slid in and closed the doors the machine finished its start-up process and the vents opened to release the Tachyon Resonator’s sonic ring of ray-waves. Samuel stood in the center of the room, the only one within the rings, and this was what he saw…

A scattered grid vibrating and getting closer, netting his vision. It came at him slowly; gradually. It opened Samuel up from the inside and connected him to the outside. He was still in the fishbowl, but could see both ends of the spectrum. And then Samuel realized it was a reflection. He was on the outside looking in. Samuel was looking at his entire life in the confines of a cube. But when his eyes got past this point it went grey. Some great schism blocked his sight. 

“Do I die?” he said on the floor as the vents cleared the room. 

Soon the doors opened and his crew came in with the paramedics. Dr. Samuel Gordon Chase was rushed to the nearest hospital. By the time his wife had gotten there he had slipped into a coma. They were doing everything they could but because of the unknown conditions of the accident they had little experience or knowledge on how to treat him. Vanessa was going to lose her husband. She demanded answers. 

When the fifth year intern told her of the experiment and his need to see and experience it for himself Vanessa became hysterical. She had always feared a day would come when his obsession would take over Samuel so completely that he endangered his own life and those around him, putting himself before his family. Now her worst fears were reality, and she was helpless in the aftermath. Vanessa prayed because that was all she could do. She prayed that the Chase family would not lose everything.

 to be continued...

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