Sunday, February 26, 2012


The day DarkFlood was waiting for, the prophecy he read to himself, over and over again, like bible study, every night before he went to sleep would not come all in one day, but over the course of many.

And this was the calm before the storm...

He had everything to do, and it already felt like he had nothing left in the tank. Philip did not want to believe it. He wanted it all to be some fairytale legend. Hell, it was...just come to life. But Philip wanted to believe it was just a lie. How great would that be? To be able to go home as Philip Dresden and for this all to have not happened. But alas, he opened his eyes and it was real. So he did what he had to do.

Philip was dressed as DarkFlood, his gear on up to his neck. His face open. DarkFlood went to leave when he saw something hidden. It was a present. Philip picked up the present wrapped in newspaper and opened it. It was from Jason. A short note rested on top of the tissue paper in the box. It read, "Thought you could use a symbol. Good luck, Jack."

Inside was a black plastic badge that was finely carved and molded. It was a crest with the icon of a tidal wave in the center. A thin outlining ring ran around the edge with writing in it. Philip recognized it as mandarin. He wondered what it said. Crazy kid.. Within the crest, above the tidal wave in bold shifted print read...

"... DarkFlood ..."

All in black, plus three small grey arrows with three arrowheads in each running horizontally from the left through the bottom of the capital "D". Jason must have been at this for weeks. It was perfect in every way, not a single mistake. It even clipped seamlessly onto his bullet proof vest, making the DarkFlood outfit finally complete. Philip put it on and immediately his cape made an imprint of the symbol and redesigned it in a larger more detailed version on his back. This version was mostly in grey and waved in the air with the cape. Philip was now truly ready for what was to come next...

DarkFlood teleported to the White House.