Monday, January 31, 2011

Star Crossed

for Mom and Dad

They were made for each other. That much was clear. Made together by the universe, he would say, so they would never feel alone again. But free will as it were, would get the best of them. Taking them from the moment they met, and pulling them apart forever. As he lied on his deathbed, he knew of only one regret. That he did not tell her how he truly felt when he had the chance.

He would pass on to wander the galaxies and she would walk the lonely earth. Both destined to always be just out of reach, and that much short of true happiness. When given the chance to go on to heaven, he would decline. For there was only one place he wish to spend eternity, and that was in her embrace, at the center of her heart. But what he did not know, is that he was already there. On the outside, she would go on living as if nothing was wrong. Taking on lovers to find what she was missing, but always coming up short.

That piece of her heart which left the hole, floated out in space with him, between earth and heaven. In knowing that he could never get back, he desperately searched the galaxies to no avail, for a life where they were not missing each other. And instead of admitting their mistakes, they would stare, through the windows of the universe, at one another, neither of which able to make the first move. When really... if they wanted to, they could reconnect. But sadly, neither felt that they deserved the other anymore.

And so he would wait and use his exile to gather his thoughts. For when the time came, he would be prepared and know exactly what to tell her. If ever given the chance again, he would say...

When I look in your eyes I see every color of the universe, and I know we are complete. How just knowing you, makes me want to push through any and every tragedy, in hopes of seeing you again. You make me want to be a better person, the person you see in me. Nothing in this world can give me hope like you do. You are my light, my happiness, my salvation, my one true counterpart. You are my soul mate. And I will always love you, from this lifetime to the next, I will never be alone again.

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