Thursday, February 9, 2012

Before you feast on the Darkness, Check out 2012's Special Feature Program...

(Part 2 excerpt)

The longer Marshall waited, the better a chance he would have at hitting his rapidly approaching target. All the shots would have to be at once. He took a breath, and tried to focus on his recent training.

Steady arm. Balanced wrist. Anticipate the backfire.

He unloaded all six shots face to face with the bear and was trampled, just like Ira. But still awake, still aware. He searched around on the floor for his knife. Yards ahead, he saw Ira's sniper rifle, catching a glimmer of the sun in its scope. The bear was shook by the shots and no longer running, but licking its wounds just inches away from Ira. He could feel the presence. Ira's eyes opened, he was still in the forest. The trees above him gave it away. He turned his head over, expecting to see Marshall but found the bear instead. He did not move, but continued to lay still.
Meanwhile, Marshall had recovered the rifle and was on one knee, aiming the sights on the bear. He exhaled and pulled the trigger.

G4D, the epic 5-part western ballad including Reconstruction, a hangin', riverboat gambling, indian rebels, gunslinger duels, treasure hunting, a train-wreck, the Dodge City War, time-traveling, and the eternal battle between Heaven and Hell. Join Marshall, Ira, Kid Colt, Peyton, and Wild Card Cass on their journey to Dodge...

The Revolution Factory's
Special Feature Program
: Gunnin' For Dodge

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