Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Shocktober! Month of Thrillers

The Revolution Factory is back from hiatus and better than ever.

Titles Include:
Dead Rising
The Last Intervention
Gruesome Killer in the Promised Land
Hollow Barn

Ending with Ritual Possessions II: By the Devil's Hand on Halloween

And Starting with...

Full Moon Fever

Daniel walked out of his beautiful country house as dusk approached. He looked around, it was already getting dark, autumn was truly here. The summer was over; a summer he would never forget. Dan scratched his beard and wondered where his wife was. They had been up here the entire weekend and not once were they apart.

"Judy!" he called out.

But there was no answer. The woods were quiet; more importantly, they surrounded the entire house. Daniel was beginning to grow worried. This was unlike his wife. He walked over to the retired outhouse. Boy, this house was old. Although their beautiful country house was completely renovated, the nostalgia of the outhouse kept its irrelevant existence alive. He opened the unhinged door. A fool's hope. Where was she?

Daniel walked past the outside and across the grassy yard into the trees. He thought he heard something. The sun scratched the horizon gradually. A twig snaps out of sight. Daniel is now in a full sprint, convinced his Judy was in trouble. He vowed to her so many years ago, that he would never let anything bad happen to her. Daniel had kept this promise for ten years. He would never make it to eleven. There in the brush stood a wolf. It was not acting right. It faced Daniel like it knew him. Blood dripped from its mouth.

A car pulled into the driveway of the country house. It parked and Judy got out and closed the door. Daniel stared at the wolf. Judy walked by and greeted him. Daniel looked up through the trees above the wolf. It was nighttime. That was quick. Even for the fall.

"Hey Honey" Judy reiterated.

Daniel stood still, unmoved like the wolf that was staring him down.

"DAN!" A hip-check shook him free. He was still standing in the backyard. The wolf was gone, and the sun was still setting.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing..." Daniel stammered, "Let's go inside."

"I got everything for dinner."


"Our guests should be arriving in a couple hours..."

* * *

"It doesn't matter what kind of state the economy is in if we don't have a president that can do anything about it!"

"Henry!" his wife nudged the stoutly man.

Daniel laughed along with Judy and together they shared in an intimate look unseen by the rest of their guests as they sat at both ends of the dinner table.

"That's so wrong. You have no idea what you're talking about, you jackass" contested the other side of the table.

"Now, Reg" Daniel tried to moderate, "Everybody has their own opinion."

"Which is what makes this country so great."

"My point exactly, Sue" Daniel continued, "Henry you're lucky you have such a patient wife with that mouth of yours."

Susan blushed for both of them.

Judy desperately searched for a new topic to discuss as they reached the end of their meal. Talking about politics always got their friends out of sorts. She needed something light enough for everyone to agree on. In fact, she needed something that involved no taking of sides, some sort of anecdote. And in that instant she thought of it...

"This is the last night of the full moon."

"Whoop-di-doo, Judy" scoffed Henry.

"It's interesting because this year and this month, in-particularly... the moon is the closer to the earth than it has ever been."

"Why is that?"

"Scientists believe-"

"Oh who cares, we should go look at it!" interrupted Rita, Reggie's girlfriend.

The dinner party grabbed their cups of wine and rushed outside into the twilight.

"Wow, that's amazing! It's so bright."

"I can see everything."

Reggie started coughing.

"Look at the moon shadow."

"This is unbelievable," whispered Judy to Daniel who was holding her.

"I hope our kids are seeing this." Sue walked away and pulled her cellphone out to call them.

Reggie fell to his knees and grabbed his chest. Rita rushed to his side. Henry laughed. He could not control himself. Reggie looked up, unable to talk as he still coughed. Some friend. Judy and Daniel ran to Reggie and asked if they should call an ambulance.

Just then, simultaneously, Sue came running back screaming bloody insanity and an unknown pick-up truck came barreling down the driveway. As Sue got closer Judy approached her. She could not hear what she was saying. Poor Sue still had the phone to her ear. Then, finally they could all hear her as she kept repeating the same two words, "They're dead."

The truck crashed into their cars parked in the drive and the driver fell out. "You must run!" He screamed. "They are coming!"

"Who!?" yelled Daniel.

"GET IT OFF ME! GET IT OFF ME!" panicked Sue. Judy grabbed her and tried to pull her phone away from her ear. Sue was screaming and writhing around like something was crawling into her brain. They both fell over and Judy got the phone away from her. There was blood all over her ear.

Honking and high-beams came out of the trees as cars plowed through the forest. The driver of the pick-up pulled a hand gun out and shot Henry five times in the chest, before emptying the clip into his own head.

A howl in the distance.

Daniel got Reggie and Rita into the house. Judy tried her hardest to get Sue up. But she was crying like an infant on the ground, clutching her ear. Judy looked again and the blood was gone. The lights from the crashing cars revealed the truth. Just then Judy was grabbed. She screamed and batted her arms before she realized it was her husband, Daniel. He rushed her into the house as the cars that escaped the forest ran over Henry and Sue, and crashed into the side of their house.


Rita was sitting with her husband who was lying on the couch. He had stopped coughing but was still breathing heavily and sweating profusely. Judy looked around, trying to make sense of all this. Daniel was busy looking out the window. "I think that's all of them," he tried to reassure.

"Why are they coming after us?"

"I don't think they are," Daniel worried, "I think they're just from the highway."

Reggie fell over and began to cough again. This time blood shot out of his mouth onto the carpet. Judy was too distracted to care. She looked deeply into her husbands eyes as he still talked. She could not hear what he was saying. All she could do was watch his pupils swell and implode.

"What is wrong with your eyes?" Judy gasped as she held her husbands face tightly.

Daniel tried to get to Reggie and Rita on the floor. Reggie was screaming through his coughs. He turned to cough away from Rita and then ran back outside. Daniel broke free from Judy and followed him through the kitchen into the backyard. Reggie's blood-soaked shirt lay torn up on the floor. When Daniel got outside he found Reggie crouched in the moonlight. He was deformed, drenched in blood.

"Reggie don't do it!" ordered Daniel.

Reggie tore Henry's chest with his teeth and dug into his intestines. Daniel could not bare to watch. He ran back inside and locked the doors. When he returned to Judy she was standing over Rita with a pair of scissors. They dripped red on the already stained carpet. Daniel slowly approached the other side of the couch. Rita's body lay still on the floor, her eyes completely carved out.

Judy sank to the floor. Daniel grabbed the scissors and threw them away. He picked a blanket to cover her with and consoled her on the ground. She cried and cried. She rocked back and forth, grasping at her knees. And She repeated over and over, "Her eyes."

Daniel made a fire in the fireplace and lit it. He brought Judy over to it to warm her. The light from the fire did more good for both of them that Daniel would ever know. It cleared their heads of the fog. Judy fell asleep in Daniel's arms. He wanted to stay there forever. But he knew that he couldn't. Reggie was still outside, and still his friend, no matter what madness had taken him.

When Daniel tried to get up, he awoke Judy. "What happened?" she asked before she saw Rita dead on the floor. Judy ran to her best friend since college. She cried over her and yelled, "WHO DID THIS!"

Daniel left his wife to make a torch. He wrapped blankets soaked into lighter-fluid around a baseball bat and dipped it into the fire. The torch caught on fire in a mighty blaze. Daniel kicked open the back door and looked for Reggie.

The moon was right upon him. It pulsed and his pupils ran. Daniel opened his mouth and felt consumed. He looked around in new sight. That is when he saw the blue flame from his torch. And beyond it the outhouse. . .

Daniel walked through the ruined forest of crying fools and broken rear view mirrors. He searched for Reggie. His friend had been chosen by the madness of the moon to become one of his primal champions. Reggie crawled on all fours like a dog. His snout was broken and enlarged. His teeth were crooked and bloodstained. His hair was unkempt and everywhere. His eyes were small and beady. Daniel saw the wolf.

He held the torch up. It was attracted to the moon and almost lifted out of Daniel's fingers. He lost grip of the torch and it went out, disappearing from his hands. Daniel fell over and the wolf was gone. Reggie ran past Daniel and scratched at his arms. Daniel quickly got to his feet. All he could see was darkness. He could not get back to the house. Reggie then tackled Daniel and bit into his shoulder. Daniel screamed and kicked Reggie off.

He got back to his feet and stumbled for the treeline. Daniel got back to the outhouse and rushed towards the house. There standing at the doorway was Judy. Turning back to the trees revealed Reggie to be gone. Daniel wanted to grab his wife, get in the car, and drive to safety. Judy said something Daniel could not hear from the yard. He tried to run, but he could barely drag himself any further. When Daniel got up to the base of the door he saw something behind Judy.

That is when he finally heard what she was saying...

"I killed her."

The wolf stood up behind Judy, in her shadow.

"You." Daniel spoke.

The wolf went to devour Judy. Daniel summoned the rest of his strength and pushed his wife out of the way. The wolf came down with the strength of a man on Daniel's neck. Its teeth tore open his skin. Daniel told Judy to run but she stood there watching. Daniel kept the claws away from him as best he could, but he was already torn up bad. He wrestled this wolf to the death trying to save his wife. Daniel kept looking up at her who was in a trance, not moving as blood splashed his face.

Out from the forest came Reggie, his entire body was still transforming, now mutated into what could only be called a werewolf. With the full moon behind him, Reggie attacked Judy. Daniel let go of the wolf he was fighting to help Judy. And once he did it immediately burrowed into the wound on his neck. The pain was excruciating, he could struggled to get to his feet. Daniel had no choice but to watch his wife get turned into a pile of flesh and broken bone.

When he came-to he was the Moonwolf and holding his dead wife in his arms. Daniel could not get his head clear. What did he do? What now?

Twelve bells chimed from the grandfather clock in the living room of their beautiful country house. It chimed twelve times for no one to hear.

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