Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thriller Month Here On The Factory!

.....The Hallows Presents.....

The Last Intervention

All-knowing and all-seeing are only reserved for One. He stands outside of life so there is an outside. He is the border, He is the exception, He is it all. Even a part of each and everything in and out of existence. Our lives and our freedoms come from His withdrawal. For millennia He has had to watch His creation and play a delicate game of fate and chaos. He played for Good, where all things come from.

There were many sacrifices He had and would still endure. For God was only bound by man. Their free will and curiosity, their essential difference between the rest of the animal kingdom, their advanced level of self-awareness constricted His influence on them directly.

There was no stopping Him though. And finally, even His own judgment over took Him. God would have to watch today as a poor orphaned infant be run down by an unsuspecting bus. He knew it was coming. He could not let this happen. For once he was not okay with denying a soul the joy of living a human lifetime. This baby deserved to grow up, watch Nickelodeon, play little league, fall in love, make mistakes, and eventually create his own life. So God did the unthinkable. He used his awesome power and took the form of a human on earth.

The Grey Beggar reached for the baby in the basket on the street. Right as the bus turned the corner the Beggar saved the child from the crushed basket under the rolling bus tire. The Grey Beggar took the baby to the nearest orphanage. He had to be quick. Taking on this form was completely irrational and irresponsible for the Master of the Universe. He must obey the laws of man as a human being. If he is hurt here he is hurt as Alpha and Omega. If put into a coma he would be trapped in this form forever. If killed...The entire universe and anything from here to infinity would unravel and become nonexistent.

The Grey Beggar brought the baby to the doorsteps and did a classic orphan drop. When he turned the corner down the street he was walking in front of someone. The Grey Beggar turned down the alley as he prepared to ascend back into Eternity. The man who followed him down there was covered in darkness and holding a dagger.

God wrestled with this man holding the petty knife. He knew He could snap him in half. He knew this poor schmuck had a family with three little girls who relied on him for food. He crushed his hand and the man dropped the dagger. God turned around in disappointment. He would never return again to this place.

The dagger is swept up across the floor. He knows this, and does nothing about it. It plunges into His back and punctures the back wall of his heart. Blood runs crooked into His body, draining His arteries and veins. His organs fail and the Grey Beggar bleeds out. By now the Beggar is on the floor with several stab wounds in His back.

God dies as man and Eternity is destroyed. The fabric of time and space held on to Eternity and Infinity. Without them it was falling apart at the seams. It started on earth as tornado storms, earthquakes, and hurricanes. But then time-cracks would propel and shuffle people into different ages. Some were killed, and some were lost in between eras. God was not able to hold it all together anymore.

Soon the stretches and the fractures would tear the world apart. But in death there was only nothing. No floating out in white abyss. There was just crushed minds and killed hearts. The soul was extinguished. Without God life came to an end.

But if God is everything...isn't he also the absence of himself?

Nothing ever ends.

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